Oh beauty

Oh beauty,
Let me see you for the first time, again.
Flowers I must forget you,
Your beautiful eyes I must not remember,
Do not let me take your glory for granted,
Do not let me define this mystery,
This sunset is always the first,
Taste sweetened by renewal.
Empty the mind,
Defy opinions,
Challenge belief,
Erode nostalgia,
Familiarity breads contempt,
Stare each time with wonder,
With the freshness of the first time,
Wide eyed child.
To breathe in deeply, the fragrance, rich with awe and expansion,
To let go,
To forget,
To experience the flower anew with each glance,
This is the first time I have seen you,
We have known each other for many many years,
A flicker flame,
Falling pedals,
Blooming blossoms,
You renew with each passing instant,
Arising passing.

Only our insecurity,
Makes us fill the emptiness,
The pressure to speak,
The burden to be heard,
only fear makes us label,
“I know,
I belief,
I understand.”

We are stuck, trapped, in an endless circle, we claim to understand,
we profess we know,
with foolish certainty,
projecting a confidence compensating for a shaking foundation,
a castle built on sand,
a knowing within ignorance,
stagnantly defending,
We do not grow when we know!
There is no limit or end to our universe, conversely therefore there is no limit to the ignorance of humankind.
“I do not know” is the gateway to god.

The mind of a child,
An infant old man,
Innocent and empty,
Experience is fresh,
Continual psychological death,
The gateway to renewal,
To a life of beauty and gratitude,
To perceive without organization,
Experience without judgement,
Feel without reaction,
Love without end.
Oh beauty,
i will meet you again,
for the first time.