Peter's empathetic approach to medicine allows patients a safe place to understand their health from a multi-perspective and holistic view. It is his goal to help people live complete and authentic lives, to learn to flow with nature and not against its stream. 

Medicine is the compassionate art.


Human life is a network of complex relationships, some known and some unknown. The medium of these connections are many: nerves, lymph, circulatory, immune cells, musculoskeletal, fascial, motor, sensory, mental, emotional, spiritual and a vast energetic/electromagnetic field that runs through the body and the entire universe.  For over 2000 years acupuncture has studied and observed these relationships and their lines of correspondence and expression.  Chinese Medicine uses the concept of Qi to describe the summation of these relationships and movement in the system.  When our system is under strain and tension, there are breakdowns in these relationships (the flow of Qi) resulting in accumulations and deficiencies which we experience as discomfort, dysfunction, unhappiness and disease. 

Acupuncture works by stimulating zones of influence, acupuncture points, with very fine, sterilized, stainless steel needles which are inserted into specific locations on the the body to help maintain and reestablish the proper flow of the body/mind continuum allowing for homeostatic balance, peace and health.  It is only from this place of health that efficient recovery, performance and focus can be found.

Essential to Eastern Medicine is its perspectives on life and health.  It is a medicine that has the potential to be completely holistic.  In one sense this means it never separates the mind and body, but instead sees them as reflections of each other. The mind and body are polar aspects of a single circle. Additionally it is holistic in that the goal of this medicine is to unify the person within themselves and with the powerful currents of nature and the larger universe that surround and permeates all things. It is a powerful qualitative model to contrast with the western quantitative, dualistic, and reductionist perspective.

medical consultation

We offers medical consultations that bridge the divide between western quantitative and eastern qualitative medicine.  By working closely with patients primary care physician and a team of colleagues, we aim to create a plan that focuses on all aspects of one’s health; physical,  emotional and spiritual. While addressing a wide variety of complaints, conditions, and chronic diseases we aim to create a plan that will not only resolve current presentation but also focus on preventative and lasting results. We do not believe in short term solutions at the cost of longterm sucess. Please contact us if you have a case that you believe could benefit from this approach.


“Peter helped me maintain my health, performance and wellness, by making sure I received complete and comprehensive care during my career as a professional tri-athlete. Most impressively Peter always took my long-term health into account and continues to care for me in my retirement from competition.”  -Peter Reid Three-Time World Ironman Champion Canadian Hall of Fame Inductee

“I push my body, mind and spirit to the limit. My work with Peter has allowed me to keep in balance and safeguard my systems against the intensity of training. What makes Peter unique is that he takes care of the whole person and ensures that you perform naturally to your highest potential” -Chris Lieto, Professional Athlete and 3 time Ironman Champion

“Being a serious athlete of any kind takes a huge strain on your body. As a professional ballet dancer, I am all too familiar with injuries and chronic pain. Peter Schmidt and his colleagues work seamlessly to prevent and treat my ailments with a focus on treating the problem and not just the symptom. I would recommend treatment from Peter for anyone seeking a holistic approach to maintaining and increasing their body’s health.”  -Lucien Postlewaite, Principle Dancer Les Ballets De Monte Carlo

“I started seeing Peter last season when I injured my hip. I believe he significantly sped up my healing process and I will continue seeing him for preventative maintenance.” -Kylee Kitchens, Pacific Northwest Ballet Dancer

“Receiving treatment from Peter Schmidt has become an integral part of my routine as a dancer. Staying healthy is my number one priority, and with his knowledge and experience in working with performance athletes, Peter helps me perform at my highest possible level.”-James Moore, Pacific Northwest Ballet Dancer

corporate wellness

Companies spend considerable time and energy and money to be at the cutting edge of competition and to maximize productivity.   Our approach to corporate wellness is two fold.  We provide a global program that fosters a culture of health and wellness within the company and we provide services to the individual to allow them to maximize their potential, minimize their limitations and reduce the ravaging effect of stress. This global and individual focus provides the leadership and employees a solid approach to individual and company health and success. Please contact us if your company is interested in creating health, wellness and success.