Love only to lose

We can not save them,
We will continue to serve,
We know life is meaningless,
We will pursue meaning,
We accept the futility,
Defeat we will never ever welcome,
We keep moving,
Free of delusion,
Free of illusion.
Death, the great awakener,
Our muse!

The naked tribe of the vulnerable,
We will shelter,
We will hold them close,
The rawness in their eyes,
Holding the pain of the heart,
Trembling shaky tenderness,
Addictive empaths,
We know this all too well,
We have travelled for so long.
We dwell here now,
in the dark pain of the human soul,
in the absurdity of human life,
The collective consciousness.
Deconstructing conditioning,
Moving the hand of evolution,
Transmuting light from the darkest depths,
Hope from hopelessness.

My heart feels broken,
Love and light is spreading outward from its jagged edges directed towards your broken heart,
Feel me brother!
Feel me sister!

They will not reach out for help,
As they sink,
Into the anguish,
Stifling oppression,
A suffering complete,
Total eclipse of light,
Cut off completely,
Lost without knowing,
Navigating without compass,
Fixated without context,
Wandering, lost, without connection.

They will not reach out for help,
We must swim down to them,
We must reach out in boldness,
In total raw honesty,
We have been there,
Exposed and trembling,
Cold and frightened,
We know where you are,
It is ok,
You are safe,
Come with me,
We will walk together,
While you gain your balance again,
It is no bother,
This is why I am here,
This is the purpose.

The line that tethers us is infinity thin,
razor sharp,
unrelentingly harsh,
ever present,
this is all happening!
We are the witnesses,
We are the shepherds of this boundary,
We are the guardians of the borderlands.
We are the ghosts of this realm,
One foot in each world.

Around and around we go,
Love and loss,
Laughter and tears,
Joy and sorrow,
Life and death,
Arising and passing,
We can not save them,
We will continue to serve.

Love only to lose,
Lose knowing you loved.
~ Metta