The endless wheel,
Continuously moving,
Do not get caught in a single spoke,
Do not lose perspective.
Fixating on the small world of me and mine,
We miss the larger movements,
The flowing dance between life and death.

No single life defines this process,
No life stands out,
Not yours,
Not mine,
We grasp and cling,
The flow is passing us by,
Leaving us entangled,
Trapped in the past,
Ensnared by the future,
We are missing right now.
This thief steals our lives,
While we are distracted rationalizing who we think we are,
While we plan who we will become,
While we reminisce who we once were. 
Suffering needlessly,
Frantic with lust for control,

It is not your sadness to possess,
It is not your tragedy alone,
It is universal,
It is a gift we all must share,