i am

The world has it’s troubles,
It’s wars fuels by greed,
It’s murder,
It’s rape,
It’s slavery,
It’s oppression,

It’s racism,
It’s nationalism,
It’s sexism,
Its sectarianism,
ism, ism, ism,
I am, I am, I am.

An endless rat race,
Ruled by individuality, insecurity and competition.

This however is not the source or the depth of our misery.
This world is just the flowers of our poisoned roots.

At the depth of the mind,
At the origin of consciousness,
Is an unquenchable thirst,
An endless dissatisfaction,
A cup we can not fill,
Basic instincts,
Aversion for death,
Craving for life,
Morphed into the monster of modern man,
Expanded exponentially by thought and imagination.
This frantic world is rooted in our restless mind,
Never quiet,
Always seeking,
Always becoming,
Always deprecating,
Always grasping for control,
Always resisting truth.

This is our nature,
we must see life for what it is,
A flickering flame,
a flowing river of impermanence.

Awareness, acceptance, equanimity.

Then and only then will these conflicts resolve,
Only then can we find loving kindness,
Only then can we experience selfless love,

We must tear down the castle to enter the kingdom.