What is meaning?

We are all searching for meaning in our lives.  We ask ourselves, What is the purpose of my life? Why am I here?  We answer; I will have meaning when I achieve this or I attain that. I will have meaning when I find the right job, the right profession, the right relationships, the right material objects, the right understanding, the right experience… The answer we give is one of projection of what we think we need to become, so we can posses “meaning”. We create an illusionary place in the future where we will find this ultimate fulfillment and meaning.

This is the greatest trap we lay for ourselves as it actually robs our lives of meaning and fills it with anticipation, angst, dis-satisfaction, dis-appointment and misery.

Life is always moving, never is it static. The “meaning” of our lives therefore must move with life. There is no destination where all is complete, life is always flowing forward. The “meaning” of our lives is found by finding the meaning of each moment, not in a fantasy built in the distant land of the future, a land of acomplishments, that can never be reached.

What is the meaning of my life in this moment? Why am I here in this moment? What can I learn? How can I be completely present in this moment? 

This approach guarantees a life full of true meaning.