a Butterfly

It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world                                                       -Chaos Theory

Small changes at the center have drastic complex effects at the periphery. 

From the origin of the universe or the spiraling outward of a single cell into a complex organism, the fractal movement of the universe is the propagation of a simple pattern outward into greater complexity. We find this in all aspects of our universe.  From a single undifferentiated cells we spiral out exponentially into a complex beings with over 10 trillion highly differentiated cells, yet every single one of those cells came from the same simple origin. A small corruption of the center can have disastrous effects on the whole, as when a negative mutation occurs in the organizing of DNA which can create ravishing birth defects.

The consciousness of mankind has followed this same pattern.  Simple distinction of thought that seem simple and organic in origin propagates outward in exponential growth. We took a wrong turn in our thoughts and understating of life that have now grown from simple ideas to complex and destructive systems of oppression and violence.

What were those changes?

My GOD, your god

Acceptance of tradition as rule

Pursuit of pleasure

Denial of pain

Division of judgement, us and them

Individual’s needs greater than the whole

Suppression of fear

Judgement of present with the past

Dominion over the nature

Pursuits of the individual pleasure as the goal of life 

Labels of identity of self and others, gender, race, nationality, religion…

These simple mutations in our thoughts even if seemingly innocent, meaning not used to directly oppress others, have spiraled outward in an exponential explosion that has led to the crisis of consciousness and moral corruption that defines our world today. We continue to look to others to lead us out of this darkness or we point fingers in blame to those we label responsible.  Yet our own individual promotion, greed, religion, judgement of others, narcissism and the pursuit of our individual success and comfort is the same root of evil that we are so quick to demonize when we see it in others.  It is difficult to accept the responsibility of this truth, we are our world, our world’s consciousness is our consciousness.

In fractal growth the periphery is tied to the center, but always moving away from center. Change that starts in periphery, society/government/religion, will not affect the center, as it is still moving away from center and the corruption at the center will eventual wash over any positive change at the periphery. One oppressive regime is only replaced by the next. The rebel becomes the dictator. We have seen this countless times in our history.

This is the reason that change of our world can only come from the center of each individual. It is only in the resolution of the center, the heart of each individual, that can cause the same spiraling fractal effect to bring truth, meaning and morality back to this world as a whole.  

Turn off the internet and look inside, we are ruining the world with our thoughts. :)