What does it mean to be whole?

To be whole, 
we must accept that life has two sides, 
we must see that these sides are only reflections of the same thing, 
one follows the other,
tied together along an unbreakable seam,
there are two sides, balancing a single whole.

To be whole we must unify; 
gain and loss,
joy and sorrow,
fear and wisdom,
triumph and failure,
sadness and gratitude,
highs and lows,
pleasure and pain,
light and shadow.

To be whole, we must blend opposites into a swirling wonder without preference or expectations.
To be whole, we must unify good and bad into a complete experience of life’s dynamic gift and hefty burden.

To be whole we must break down our mind’s fragmentation, 
the chasm between possession and freedom, 
the divide between what we feel we deserve and what we have,
the fracture between what we think should be, 
and the acceptance of WHAT IS. 

Objective awareness and compassion are the only cure for this wretched wound and this great divide. 

To be whole we must live a life with both the darkness and the light, as they are our origin and structure.
Two sides of a perfect whole.

We are a product of love which holds joy and pain together with grace.