Surviving the tide

Waxing waning, 
Sunrise sunset,
Joy pain,
Love struggle,

Connection Disconnection,

Subtlety shifting silently in the night
Connection slips away with each exhale
Fluid abundance replaced by a dry parched land
A farmer wakes to find bitter fruit in his fields
An instantaneous mysterious fall from mountain top to valley floor

Your tears not enough to fill the void
Your words like feathers against stone
Your pleading unanswered
Your begging falling on deafened ears

The agony of time revealed
Patience tested, lost at sea
Flesh rotting in the desert sun
Impatient ignorance denies the inevitable return
Destitute hopelessness
We thrash unwilling to learn the cycle
Frantic to return to the sea of love

tide in tide out
tide in tide out
tide in tide out
tide in tide out…