The Bellows

The bellows, before story and story teller, before distinction and definition, before light and dark.  

From the great vacuum of emptiness the material universe was breathed into form. The pumping bellows open an invisible seem, a portal without definition, that allows life to spill forth, in the greatest of all mysterious. Search for the opening and it cannot be found.  The action of the bellows is universal throughout all aspects of existence, from the infinitesimal to the infinite. From the activity of neutrons to the rotation of planetary bodies, the source is the same. The bellows of our body, the lung, is the portal that brings the universe in through our noses to circulate throughout every aspect of our human life; our thoughts, our action, our anatomy, our physiology, our consciousness.

This, the great mystery, can never be defined. It can only be felt. 

Breathing brakes the shackles of bondage in the body-mind continuum freeing the power of the bellows to pulse life through the body.  The lung initiates the movement of the bellows as it can mechanically pump life giving air into the body, but this in not the final goal of respiration. Respiration should know no boundary or limit as the very body is able to breathe in the bath of universal energy, every fiber and nerve in rhythmic synchronicity.  Physical respiration leads to full body respiration, in sync with universal respiration, the energetic pulsation of all life- visible or invisible.  To seek health of the body and mind is the goal of human life, as it strengthens the bellows, so the spirit can pulsate in rhythm with the universe.