Resolving Opposites

We carve and conquer the one, the nameless source of life, with distinction of opposites, light vs dark, hot vs cold. From the interplay between “opposites” we construct the world of thought, a world of conflict.  What we have separated we must reunite.

Through the mechanism of thought we attempt to control the chaos of our existence as we define and label the universal, inside and out. We are able to perceive contrast, the line between light and dark, which we foolishly mistake as permission to separate the universal experience into material opposing forces.  We label aspects of the single whole as distinct and separate opposites. We mistake this imaginary line we invented as a border and prepare both sides for war. It is only through our labels that we find conflict, both individual and throughout the world as a whole.  We created the world of right and wrong, up and down, light and dark, a world of distinction, definition, and opposites. 

We turn our invented thoughts into beliefs and allow them to create division where there is unity. We separate the universal, one, into two: light and dark, hot and cold, good and bad. We define our world with the interplay between these “opposites” and from this we create the endless conflict of things and images.  Not only have we divided and labeled the world around us, but also the psychological world within.  We drive this division with our greatest fuel, our aversion for pain and our lust for pleasure. We fail to see that even pleasure and pain are united as one. We hope to live in light and pleasure forever and this desire dooms us to darkness. Light must fade, things must change and the only consistency is the impermanence of all things . When pleasure fades and unpleasant sensations dominate we revolt against them and long for pleasure, we do not accept what is and instead we chase an illusion in attachment, conflict and misery. The “opposites” we created of light and dark give us the fantasy and illusion that we can choose to live only in light and deny darkness.  The separation between dark and light is not real, it is only imagined, thought into existence, it has no basis in truth.  Light and dark are bound as one, totality.

As we carve up the universal to gain control over the physical what do we lose? We lose connection, balance and endless vital energy that is wasted managing these conflicts of our creation. This dichotomy we have created is bound to resolve in our search for authentic self and truth.  As we seek to gain, we fail to see that this promises us only loss. The arising defines the return.  Only through awareness of this truth can we resolve opposites and find peace.

In the blending of light and dark harmony is found.